Thursday, August 15, 2013

Return to the Big Thompson

The section of the Big Thompson I usually fish basically runs from Estes Park, Colorado to Loveland.

I wrote another post a few years ago when we fished just downstream from Estes Park, and you can check that one out s well.
Chad Pettrone and Jason Lawley

I returned recently, but this time we fished further down the river, just outside the Sylvandale Guest Ranch.

The stretch of river we fished is on private land, but is accessible if you go through Kirk's Fly Shop in Estes Park.

Not only was the setting gorgeous and different than before, but the purpose was different too. This time, I was shooting an episode for my new TV show - Fly Fishing West.

I interview Jason
We not only "wanted" to catch fish - we "had to". I had a guide, two TV cameras and a producer. It would be a waste of a lot of time and money had we not caught anything.

We also needed a great guide. I needed somebody who could ensure we would catch fish, but also, somebody who is great on camera.  We went with Chad Pettrone, and he was a perfect fit.

Michael Filson on Cam 2

We ended up having a great outing, and a great shoot. Even when we lost a really nice trout, it turned out great. We can actually tell the story of the big one that got away, only it's not a far fetched fish tale. We have video proof that it really happened.

The Big One that Got Away:

So, if you are ever in the area, fish the Big Thompson, and go to Kirk's Fly Shop and ask for Chad.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fly Fishing the Sacramento River.

I have heard legendary stories about fishing the Sacramento River. There are more than 60 species of fish in there. Some native. Some not. But many are fishable - from sturgeon to trout to salmon.  I went for the first time, in search of trout. I was NOT disappointed.

I needed a guide. To fish the mighty Sac you need a drift boat. Besides, my guide knows the river inside and out. He knows right where the runs are, where underwater hazards are, where the fish hold and the right set up to hook 'em.

I went with Kirk Portocarerro, guide and owner of Sac River Fly Guide

We had a great time. Kirk knows the river and was a great coach. Besides, I was shooting for my new TV show "Fly Fishing West" - and I needed a guide that had a great personality and was good on camera.

I want to write about our fishing experience, but seeing and hearing what our day was like might be much more affective. So check out a clip at

Enjoy - and "tight lines".

New Fly Fishing Show

Hi everybody.

It has been a while.

Big changes for me. Among them, I started my own production company called Cannon Media & Consulting. We do a variety of things, but the thing near and dear to my heart is creating a new show called "Fly Fishing West". It highlights fun fly fishing destinations, but also features great things to see and do, in and around those destinations.

We hope this will be a valuable resource for the angler. Not only might it provide great fishing information and tips, but it helps anglers plan a trip so that the non-anglers in their lives can also enjoy the trip.

Check us out at or on YouTube at

And for more information about Cannon Media - go to

Lots more fly fishing video and info to come soon!

Thanks -