Friday, August 5, 2016

Match The Hatch 3.0

Here is the latest "Match The Hatch".  As always - look around.  I found this guy crawling on my back pack. I matched him with my handy dandy "bug" guide book - and he appears to be a Little Green stonefly.

Stonefly Match

Trout love stoneflies.  I really like to fish the dry fly version.

I not only like to fish it solo during a hatch, but I often use it as my top fly with a nymph as my lower or "dropper" fly.

Stonefly "shell" on a rock

You will find all kinds of stoneflies in the river.

They often climb up on rocks.  They seem to be present all day long when I fish Sierra rivers.  When there is a hatch, it can get crazy with thousands of them filling the sky.

Even when there isn't a major hatch you will see one or two in the air.  That's why this is one of my "go to" selections.

They make great indicators too.  With their "fluffy" easy to see body and yellow color, a nice stone dry fly is great as an indicator.

Various stonefly flies

I use "stones" so much that I have a separate box just for stoneflies.

I have a variety of sizes, dries, nymphs, emergers, yellow, olive, rubber legged, etc.

They can mimic a variety of other bugs too, so at least in the Sierra, I carry a well stocked selection of stones.

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